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Monstrosity CD Cover

CM 43434 CD $17.00
(Postage & ins paid in US only)

Monstrosity "Enslaving the Masses" New!
Double cd: Disc one with 12 tracks includes remixed songs from Imperial Doom, songs from Slaves & Masters demo and the infamous classic "Horror Infinity" demo now put to cd. Disc two: "Live" (with amazing production) includes 12 songs from previous albums, along with the cover "Deadlock" by Dead Brain Cells.

Millennium CD cover

CM 9301 CD $15.00
(Postage & ins paid in US only)

The long awaited sophomore album by some of the deadliest musicians on the planet. Bone crushing and pulverizing with vocals from the mighty "Corpsegrinder". If you thought "Imperial Doom" was killer; wait until you hear "Millennium" .... Their finest yet.

Monstrosity CD cover

CM 4323 CD $14.00
(Postage & ins paid in US only)

Monstrosity's debut album
"Imperial Doom" 1992

Just a few repressed and
available as long as supply lasts!

In Dark Purity teeIn Dark Purity Tee

CM 2200
"In Dark Purity" Killer Tees with band members pic on back.

Shortsleeve LG, XL, XXL: $21.00
Longsleeve XL: $30.00
Vader CD cover

CM 8121 CD $15.00
(Postage & ins paid in US only)

The Polish Godz have done it again! After their debut album on Earache records, the American masses have been craving for more and now here it is. The classic album...... without the import prices.

Vader tee frontvader tee back

CM 3400
"Deprofundis" Tee
with Extremities Tour dates on the back.

Shortsleeve Large Only $15.00
Diabolic Supreme Evil album cover

CM 46868-2 CD $15.00
(Postage & ins paid in US only)
Diabolic, the underground's favorite sensation, burst forth with their debut album. Pure, mean and relentless blasting death metal; that's what you're going to find here.

Diabolic shirts can be ordered from the band. Write em! PO Box 9689 Tampa, Fl 33674
Diabolic Subteranneal Magnitude

CM 6032 $15.00
(postage & ins paid in US only)

This album is the second full length release from the florida blastmasters.
Brutal and Ultra Tight

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