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darkside band photo After the demise of the thrash-band DISGRACE in December of 1990, the bass player, Peter Bohm, and the drummer, Robert Grogler, decided in the early summer of 1991 to form a new band. They begin rehearsing over the summer of 1991, trying to shed their aggression by composing thrashy, slayeresque type songs based mainly on complicated drum rhythms and some Voivod-like basslines. With the inclusion of singer/guitarist, Peter Durst, they seemed to have found a line-up and DARKSIDE came into existence. By the spring of 1992, DARKSIDE headed to Hradec Kralove Studios in Czech Republic to record their first demo "Depression", consisting of powerful, straight ahead death metal songs.

Since they had incorporated keyboard samples on the demo with the help of several friends, DARKSIDE, decided to actually add a permanent keyboardist to the line-up. They chose Wolfgang Sussenbeck, the lead vocalist, from their former band DISGRACE. With the new keyboardist added to the line-up, they were then ready to record a second demo titled "Herbst". However, shortly before entering the studio, their gutarist, Peter Durst had severe problems with his arm and Darkside was looking for someone to take over for Peter for the recording. They found the answer in Herbert Knochel, a young guitarist from Wr. Neustadt who was courageous enough to learn the material within four weeks. After the recording session, Herbert became a permnant member. The second effort, Herbst", featured six songs of doomy, melancholic but still powerful and straight ahead death metal. It was on this tape in which the twelve 12 minute epos "Requiem", which has become lengendary in the Czech Republic, could be heard.

With the release of "Herbst" and the help of Krabathor's management, Darkside embarked on a series of concerts: Attack of Fire Festival '93, Horepnik Slam Dance and followed with the "Live Mortification Tour" with Karabathor, Scabbard and Judgement Day.

In May 1994, they entered the studio once again to record their own self financed CD titled "Melancholia of A Dying World". The recording was followed by a tour with Vader and Krabathor. They also played a show with Carcass in Prague before 2,500 people. After so much work and effort by the band, Darkside was finally noticed and signed by the german punk label, Impact Records. Impact Records completely redesigned their CD booklet, including designing a digi-pak edition, and released the album in November 1995. Upon the release of the album and in early '96, DARKSIDE toured with Sinister as support act on the Sinister and Creepmine tour taking them across Europe. Additionally, Darkside just recently opened for Cannibal Corpse when CC played Austria.

Conquest Music USA has now licensed the album, "Melancholia of A Dying World" from Impact Records and will be releasing it in the US this fall.

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