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ALL DEATH METAL FREAKS CHECK OUT Band members are James Lee-vocals (ORIGIN) / Tym walker-guitars (exEnter Self) / Mark Davis-bass (exEnter Self) and Jeremy Gregg-drums (exEnter Self). This is pure death metal!!!!
Trend Killer <>
Jefferson, TN us -
this site fucking rules, monsrtosity come to PA
matt carpenter <fuck yourself>
penn hills, pa america -
hey man it could use some pics because i havnt foun any. but other than that fucking awsome
cannibal king
Ok, this site simply rules! Keep up the good work.
Super, super site. Very well done indeed!
son una gran banda, su tema angel death es macabro, suerte ehhˇˇˇ.
shagrath luis <>
londres, 81 espańa -
Thank you for the wonderful website and information.
u guys kick ass
hell, il aMERICA -
Your site is very good.
I found your site very usefull. I definitely will return again.
Cool Web Site. I really enjoyed the visit.
Check out IMPERIOUS new cd "In Splendour" and listen to the crushing death metal titletrack here:
Imperious <>
Sweden -
Watch Out!!! Misanthropic-Soulreaver-Release 01.06.2003 Death Metal from Mainz Mp3s on
Mainz, Germany -
Congratulations & Well Done!
Enjoyed the website.
Was nice to be on your site! Just wanted to thank you for your great work and wish you good luck!

Stars nackt <>
Yo baby
Is a very good page
Angelo <>
bogota, colombia -
What a beautiful and awesome site. I adore what you've done with your setup and graphics. I recently built a new home page of my own, so I'm doubly impressed.
Incredible Work done on these page.
Hi, I like your site. thanks
Great site. I like it very much!
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Planet9 at
Hello, I also take picture with mike, he kiss me on neck for it. Sam throw up on my car.
Pedro de Pacas <>
San Juan, PR -
We are a thrash band and we enjoyed your site..its so fucking good...keep Metal up!MONSTROSITY FOR EVER!!!
King's Dormitory <>
Chios, Greece -
I found your site very usefull. I definitely will return again.
WOW!!!! This is a great website.
What a well done website!
Snow Teens
Looking forward to hearing Under Threat playing out at Casa Mexico in Fond du Lac with Rictus Grin, DOTAC, Play Dead and Shallow Ground. Should be one hell of a kick ass show! All these brutal bands should bring it big time!
Metal Chick
Allenton, WI USA -
I meet the band Monstrosity in Puerto Rico. May 3rd of 2003.They are awesome.A GREAT CONCERT.So cool people.Also,I have photos with them and I can say that Mike(bass) is hot and very cool.He take a picture with me with his own camera. Im so glad.hehe
Saidybell <>
San Juan, P.R Puerto Rico -
Amazing website!
Fly Rulz
Hello, What a beautiful and awesome site.
Sisters HQ
felicitaciones a Underthreat, son una banda excelente y me gustó mucho su presentación en el rock al parque
Alexander vega <>
Cúcuta , N s Colombia -
Thank you for an excellent site!
Enjoyed your website very much.
DP Teen
los esperamos el 17 de mayo en venezuela para que se den durisimo y toque angel of death....saludos
williams <>
anzoategui, -
Thank you for the wonderful website and information. We need more places like yours.
Chicknatas <>
Seattle, WA USA -