Paul Ouellette – vocals/guitars
Brian Malone – guitars
Ed Webb – bass

Aantar “blastmaster” Coates – drums Diabolic was formed January 1997 with the intent to become death metal elite. Strong, dynamic song arrangements, screaming guitars, single-foot hyperblast and scorching double-kick drum work, vocals that range from demonic lows to soul-ripping highs, thundering bass lines, and chaotic yet controlled leads from hell begin to describe the unique Diabolic assault upon the starving death metal masses. In June 1997, the “City of the Dead” demo was unleashed upon the worldwide underground. This three song demonstration of blistering violence received excellent reviews and has been described by many fans as “already classic” and “the best death metal demo ever released!” Diabolic’s punishing live performance pounded venues across the U.S. : Milwaukee Metalfest ‘98, New York’s Demonfest, a west coast tour with Infamy, the New England Metal Festival ‘99 and a east coast headline tour prove Diabolic as a serious force dominating the stage. In the spring of ‘98 Diabolic signed with Conquest Music (Monstrosity & Vader).The debut album “Supreme Evil” has since been released and promises to be one of (if not the) best death metal release (s) of 1999!! Prepare yourself for this devastating attack of total destruction and witness the Sacrament of Fiends on tour this summer in support of “Supreme Evil”!