Vader have indeed beaten the odds as they are the first Eastern Block metal band to ever be signed to a Western label. In it’s original incarnation in 1986, Vader came into existence in a country where food and basic resources were scarce, not to mention the means to record and distribute music. Breaking out of the cultural confines of Poland was not easy but the band’s committment to their music and world-class muscianship paid off when they landed a deal with Earache Records.

Adopting the powerful underground movement mood of Slayer’s “Haunting the Chapel”, injecting lethal doses of brutality of Terrorizer and the highly technical style of Morbid Angel, the result, “The Ultimate Incantation” is devastating. The album is a journey into blissful madness featuring solid well crafted riffs, breakneck speed solos,masterful bass lines and drumming that rivals the speed and finesse of anyone pounding on a set of skins today.

By the end of 1993 Vader played over 20 sets with popular Proletaryat. The tour was hailed Poland’s Greatest Musical Event ’93 With the recording of the band’s first official live effort, “The Darkest Age-Live’93. The album was soon followed by mini-album “Sothis”, featuring a brillant cover of Black Sabbath’s eponymous song. The band also continued to perform live at the most prestigious festivals in Poland including the “Jarocin Festival’94 where Vader headlined for 24,000 people.

Disillusioned by the lack of support from their label, Vader withdrew from the contract. They then recorded “DeProfundis” in Poland for a small label, Croon Records. Their recording contract with Germany’s Impact Records brought the release of “DeProfundis” as well as a promotional ep featuring “An act of Darkness” and “IFY”/Depeche Mode cover.

In 1996 Conquest Music released De Profundis in America. The album is still recognized as one of Vaders strongest outputs to date and proves why they are hailed as one of the greatest death metal bands in the world. The band is still one of the hardest working bands constantly touring and recording. De Profundis is a milestone in the death metal underground. Get it while you can. Art, not trend!