Floridas MONSTROSITY have arrived in Lima Peru to begin their “Latin American Tour 2010”.

While currently writing material for the follow up to their 2007 release Spiritual Apocalypse MONSTROSITY have been preparing a blistering live setlist to devastate all who come across their path. Celebrating almost 20 years of existence MONSTROSITY have had several well known death metal luminaries through their ranks including most notably original vocalist and frontman George Corpsegrinder” Fisher, currently of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame. The band have soldiered on and are still creating the madness that fans have loved since their debut album Imperial Doom (1992). MONSTROSITY have created timeless classics, one after another, including Millennium (1996), In Dark Purity (1999), Rise To Power (2003), and culminating in their finest work yet on the 2007 release Spiritual Apocalypse. The band has cemented a solid reputation on the international touring scene having played in places like Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, as well as numerous tours of the US and Europe. This latest South American trek continues the bands tradition of bringing their metal to the far reaches of the globe by playing a show in the earthquake ravaged city of Concepion, Chile.

MONSTROSITY drummer and founding member had this to say of the bands current status:

“We’re just now really starting to get going on writing a new record. We´ve had numerous tours to support Spiritual Apocalypse and our fans know by now we like to take our time and create albums that are unique in their own right and not thrown together like so many of our counterparts. We´ve got a few solid ideas together so its just a matter of just continuing on the path were on. As for the summer run we are doing, I think it will be really cool to get back down to South America and show them we can do this better than ever. We will be hitting some places we’ve never been to so we recommend you come see this tour!! Playing in Concepion, Chile should be killer too since they probably haven´t had a metal show down there since the earthquake. We will be heading to Europe for some festival shows as well so look for us on the Party San and Brutal Assault stages this August!!!”

MONSTROSITY “Latin American Tour 2010”

July 23, 2010 Lima, Peru
July 24, 2010 Arequipa, Peru
July 25, 2010 Arica, Chile
July 28, 2010 Quillota Chile
July 29, 2010 Coquimbo, Chile
July 30, 2010 Santiago, Chile
July 31, 2010 Concepion, Chile
Aug 01, 2010 Temuco, Chile
Aug 02, 2010 Talca, Chile

Current touring lineup:

Mike Hrubovcak; Vocals
Lee Harrison; Drums
Mark English; Guitars
Mike Poggione; Bass
Matt Barnes; Guitars


Here are some classic videos from our first trip to Lima Peru in 1995:

MONSTROSITY LIMA PERU 1994 INTERVIEW (with George Corpsegrinder and Lee Harrison)